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Pocket Doors

Discover the super stylish yet practical benefits of pocket doors with our comprehensive range of pocket door systems, all available with fast nationwide delivery.

A pocket door kit offers a fantastic space-saving solution for interior door openings, allowing doors to slide horizontally into a wall as if by magic, rather than swing open into a room like a traditional hinged door.

Pocket Doors: The Epitome of Space-Saving Design

Designed for efficiency and versatility, pocket door systems are a fantastic alternative to standard doors and come in a variety of configurations to suit different applications and size preferences. 

Whether you're looking to make the most of the floor space in a compact living area, create seamless transitions between rooms or add a touch of modern flair to your home, a pocket door kit offers a functional and chic solution for your living space.

All you need to do is choose your favourite internal doors from our vast range, select the correct pocket door kit for your needs and voila! With everything you need in the kit to install the doors, including screws, frame, brackets and track, you’ll have the perfect pocket doors in no time so you can fully experience the benefits of efficient space utilisation.

Premium Quality Solutions With Eclisse Pocket Door Systems 

The innovative pocket door systems from Elisse are designed to revolutionise interior door functionality. Crafted with precision and thoughtful engineering, Elisse door kits are the perfect solution for making the best of the space in your home.

Available in single pocket door and double pocket door configurations, the Elisse pocket door system effortlessly glides in and out of the wall cavity, eliminating the need for door swings to really make the most of your floor space, providing both functionality and style.

A Traditional Sliding Door Style Made to Modern Standards

Originally a Victorian invention that was typically found in more grandiose properties, these days they’re ideal for both traditional and contemporary interiors of any size, with Eclisse completely reimagining pocket doors for modern living.

With 35+ years of research and over 40 patents under their belt, the Eclisse pocket door kit range is as diverse as it is innovative. 

With standard and wiring-ready options, as well as telescopic, curved and frameless glass designs, this extensive collection makes Eclisse pocket doors a fantastically flexible choice for pretty much any interior space.

They even offer FD30 fire-rated pocket door kits to truly set them apart!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are pocket doors and how do they work?

Pocket doors are interior doors that slide horizontally into a compartment, or "pocket," within the wall when opened, rather than swinging open like traditional hinged doors. They consist of panels that are mounted on rollers or tracks attached to the top of the door frame.

When closed, pocket doors function like any other interior door, providing privacy and separating rooms. However, when opened, they slide smoothly into the wall cavity, completely disappearing from view and allowing for maximum use of space in both rooms.

The operation of pocket doors typically involves pulling the door handle to slide the door along its track, allowing it to move smoothly into or out of the wall pocket. Some pocket doors may feature additional hardware, such as soft-close mechanisms or guides to ensure proper alignment and smooth operation.


Single pocket doors or double pocket doors?

Whether to choose a single pocket door or double pocket doors depends entirely on your specific needs, preferences and the layout of your space. Here are some notable benefits of each to help you decide:

Single Pocket Doors

  • Single pocket doors are ideal for smaller rooms or narrow spaces where saving floor space is essential.
  • Installing a single pocket door typically requires less structural modification and hardware compared to double pocket doors, making it a more straightforward option.
  • Single pocket doors are generally less expensive than double pocket doors, both in terms of materials and installation costs.
  • They're perfect for use in various applications particularly in typically smaller spaces, including; bathrooms, built-in wardrobes, utility rooms, en-suites and interior doorways.

Double Pocket Doors

  • Double pocket doors provide a wider opening than single pocket doors, making them suitable for larger doorways or as a wall replacement where maximising access is important.
  • Double pocket doors can create a dramatic and open plan effect when fully opened, allowing for a much smoother transition between rooms.
  • They offer greater flexibility in terms of opening and closing options, as both doors can be operated independently or simultaneously.
  • Glass pocket door systems in particular are great for increasing (and maintaining) the amount of natural light that flows through your home.

Ultimately, the choice between single and double doors is all yours! Just choose the right door kit and your favourite internal doors and away you go.


Can pocket doors be installed in existing walls?

Yes, absolutely!

Pocket doors can be installed in existing walls, but it may require some modifications to the wall structure. Retrofitting a pocket sliding door into an existing wall typically involves cutting into the wall to create space for the door to slide into when opened. 

This process will likely require removing brickwork or stud walling, relocating electrical wiring or plumbing to be able to fit a pocket door frame and hardware.

While installing a pocket door kit into an existing wall is possible, it can be more complex than installing them during the construction of a new build, where they can be consciously added to the design of the space. 

It's not always an easy job to retrofit a pocket sliding door, so it’s essential to consult with a professional installer who has experience with retrofitting pocket doors to ensure proper installation and structural integrity. Be sure to also consider factors such as the location of utilities and potential impact on adjacent rooms before moving forward with the installation.

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