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Internal French Doors

Traditional French Doors Options

Traditional Internal French Doors Options

Traditional internal French doors are hinged double doors with glass panes that let the light filter through. A popular choice, these room divider doors allow you to split an open plan space into two without losing the feeling of openness. They can add to the sense of space in a small room whist allowing adjoining rooms to be closed off when needed.

Our range of traditional interior French doors are offered in unfinished Oak, prefinished Oak and white primed.  These solid doors offer a high quality product that can add a striking appearance in your home whilst remaining extremely practical and useful. 

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Folding French Doors Options

Folding Internal French Doors Options

Folding French doors are internal door systems that combine both the benefits of traditional french doors and bifold doors. These uniquely designed doors have a central opening access, but also have sidelights that can be folded right back against the adjacent walls to open up the space in your living area. There’s no sliding mechanism like you’d find with an internal bifold, but you can still enjoy unobstructed access between rooms as and when you wish.

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What Vibrant Doors offer...

Internal French Doors Image

Installing a set of internal French doors is an ideal way to let sunlight filter through your home. Their large glass panels allow natural light to flow between rooms whilst dividing your space into clear zones. This style of door is perfect for making sure your home has an easy flow and open feel.

If you thought French doors were just for the patio, think again! A French door (also known as a french window) is simply a pair of double hinged doors that open outwards, allowing you full access to the whole width of the door opening. They originate from 17th century France where they were first introduced as floor-length windows to allow access to balconies. Today, their light-enhancing qualities make them a popular choice for both the interior and exterior.  


Our glazed interior French doors allow extra light into your room and are fitted as standard with toughened glass to meet safety standards and provide peace of mind. Internal French door pairs are available with clear and obscure glass panels in a variety of moulded and panelled designs. Clear glass is best for creating a bright kitchen or living space but you might prefer the privacy of frosted glass if you opt for a French door in the bathroom or bedroom.


The choice is yours with room dividers available in oak, hardwood or white primed. We also offer folding french doors to suit wider door openings. Choose from gorgeous grained oak or white primed doors that you can finish with a high gloss.

We have a variety of ranges of oak interior French doors, such as the Oslo, the Shaker and the Traditional. The Oslo is prefinished, and the Traditional is supplied unfinished and the Shaker is available both unfinished and prefinished. Where untreated, ensure you finish your timber doors with an appropriate paint or stain. You can choose the right finish to match current flooring, furniture or worktops. Some basic woodcare will ensure your doors remain in tip top condition even when exposed to damp conditions or the dry heat of radiators.

As well as traditional french doors, we offer a frenchfold design (also known as a freefold system) that combines the benefits of both french and bifold doors. Their central opening access works like normal and is accompanied by sidelights that can be folded back to completely open up the space when you don't want a room partition. You'll get the flow between rooms just like you would with a roomfold system. This option can work well for those of you who want to enjoy open-plan living!


We stock a variety of sizes to cater for various door openings. We also offer 2 - 4 door configurations to suit your needs. Here's a handy guide to help you find standard internal french doors sizes quickly:

  • W4 fits a 4-foot opening
  • W6 fits a 6-foot opening 
  • W8 fits an 8-foot opening


All our internal French doors come complete with frame pack, door leaves, and installation instructions. Hardware pack is not included so you can choose the handles and fittings to match the rest of your windows and doors. Installation can be done yourself or by a professional joiner. If you'd like to give it a go, put on your workwear, grab your tools and check out our internal french door fitting guide.  

If you love the feeling of space in your home, why not check out our range of external french doors to help you enjoy your garden from the comfort of your home?

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