The Feng Shui of Doors

The definition of Feng Shui is “A system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi or chi), and whose favourable or unfavourable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings.” So, how can we apply this to the doors we have in our houses?

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English: Feng shui symbol Français : Symbole feng shui (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Direct Alignment

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, it is considered bad feng shui to have two or more doors directly aligned. Energy, or chi, should be balanced and create harmony in the home and, where there are aligned doors, the chi doesn’t have time to enter and nourish the space. Instead it will rush in and out through the doors and harm the quality of the feng shui. This should be taken into consideration when building or renovating your home. If this is something that you cannot change there are a few tips you can follow to correct this imbalance:

What can you do depending on which direction your door is facing?

According to there are certain things you can do to improve the flow of energy specific to the direction that your door is facing.

  • South: Using a bright light, shining down towards the main doors or placing a live money plant at the side of the door will activate the energy.
  • North: Placing a 6 rod metal wind chime in the corner will “add yang energy to the sector.”
  • East or Southeast: Placing a water feature near the door, on the left-hand side looking out and making sure that the water is “flowing inwards towards the house” will improve the flow of energy into the home.
  • West or Northwest: Placing golden rocks near the door create the “golden mountain” here.
  • Northeast or Southwest: Placing a chandelier near the main will “attract good fortune and chi.”

And if all else fails…

  • Main doors should be solid rather that made of any see-through material.
  • Doors with two panels are generally preferred and the panels may be unequal in size as long as the larger of the two is the door that is opened.
  • “Poison arrows in the outside environment should never directly hit your main door.” Now  I hope that none of you are actually up against the threat of real poison arrows! Of course this refers to Sha Chi. It is important that your main door does not face a straight road coming directly towards it. If the road is lower than the door then you’re okay but otherwise you must hang a Home Protection Plaque.
  • Houses benefit when main doors face open space.
  • Outside furniture should not block your main door.
  • Make sure that your house name or number is clearly visible. It should also be well lit.
  • The door should be kept clean and freshly painted, with well-oiled hinges and locks.


Feng Shui can be hard work and will take time and effort to achieve, especially where doors are concerned. But for the followers of Feng Shui, the harmonious effects of having a balanced flow of Chi through their main doors will make it worth it.

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