Celebrity Homes You Can Visit: Discover A Little Bit of History

Last updated on May 16th, 2017 at 01:43 pm

When we think of celebrity homes, we instantly think of grand spaces with lots of beautifully landscaped gardens. For some, this may be true but it’s not always the case. Take a look at the home of Albert Einstein, for example, one of the greatest and well-known Physicists to ever live. But the home where he developed the Theory of Relativity and redefined science, was a rather humble one. A simple second floor flat in the heart of Bern, Switzerland, it stands at the centre of the Kramgasse, part of the Old City of Bern, a popular and somewhat exclusive shopping area. Einstein moved into the flat with his wife and child after relocating to Switzerland from Germany to study 7 years earlier. Though Einstein was only resident here for 3 years before moving to America in 1905, it was here he made some of his greatest discoveries. The flat has been fully restored to reflect the period in which Einstein and his family lived, with authentic furniture, decoration and memorabilia, you really can imagine what his life was like at the turn of the century. What are the homes of other historical figures like, I hear you ask? Take a look at our interactive map below to see how you can go through the front door of some of the most important houses in the world.

Modern Museums

One of the most recent additions to the world of celebrity home museums is Paisley Park. The former residence of iconic musician, Prince. Paisley Park was built by Prince in 1985 as a recording studio and it was here he developed his record label Paisley Park Records in partnership with Warner Bros. The label was defunct in 1994 but Prince continued to live at the complex and used its two music venues to rehearse. Prince passed away in early 2016 with the official opening of Paisley Park in October 2016. The once highly secretive space was opened to the public in homage to Prince and his creativity.

A Life of Inspiration

Some of the oldest homes on our list date back to the 15th-16th century. English playwright William Shakespeare was born in a quaint half-timbered house in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. The house is believed to be where he lived as a child with his family and later during the first years of his marriage to Anne Hathaway. The house is built using traditional wattle and daub techniques which were typical in house building during the 15th and 16th century and remains a method that still used today, though not to the same scale. Shakespeare isn’t just a historical figure that we have learned about in recent years. Many writers that we also see as icons were inspired by Shakespeare and would see his home as a place to visit, particularly in the 18th century when the house was restored. Upon visiting the house, they would scribe their name into the walls and windows, many of which are still visible today. Some of the names that can be found include the likes of Charles Dickens, Lord Byron, John Keats and William Thackeray, all notable in their own right.

With so many historical figures to choose from, it could be hard to decide on where to visit next. But with our help and useful guide, we’re confident that wherever you might go on your travels, there’s always going to be a little bit of history to discover just around the corner.

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