7 Interior Design Trends for Autumn/Winter 2015

Interior design and decor trends come and go like the seasons, and with that, many home owners choose to change and mix up their interior designs quite regularly to keep things fresh and stay ahead of the curve.

We thought we’d explore what some of the biggest sites in home design are predicting will be hot this for this coming Autumn/Winter, so that you can be on trend sooner rather than later.

Going Grey or Winter Blues

Grey interior design
Image from accostar.com

Neutral colours are always a safe option when it comes to painting your walls and furnishing your home, ensuring that your accompanying decorations and funriture are a safe colour match. This winter’s go-to palette is ‘morning greys’. Many home owners step away for the bright, summery colours during winter, and the grey scale allows you to do so without opting for depressing or dull dark colours, keeping your home light and welcoming and will make sure your other colours stand out too.

bold blue interior design
Image from sofaworkshop.com

If you prefer to maintain the brightness through the winter, the alternative to the mellow, grey approach is a bold blue. Blue is often considered a ‘cold’ colour, with connotations of ice and water, however combined with other colours, brighter and more vibrant blues provide warmth to your room and allow your accompanying colours to be noticed more too.

Statement Tubs

Free standing bath tubs
Image from telegraph.co.uk

Free-standing bathtubs are always going to be a great feature for your home, offering a vintage, more retro and elegant look and feel to your bathroom. This bathtub image, which brilliantly demonstrates the on-trend colours of greys and bold blues, shows how a bathtub can transform your bathroom into one of the most beautiful rooms in your home.

Top Textures

Textured bedding

Textured materials are set to be a big hit over this coming Autumn/Winter season. Large over-sized textures such as chunky wool and thicker cottons not only keep you warm during the colder season, but they also feel great to the touch and bring a greater sense of comfort. Textured ceramics and accessories are also tipped to be a good addition to your home this winter, offering a more rustic and vintage vibe to your home.

Repurposing Rattan

Rattan for interior design
Image from chantiki.com

Often considered to be an outdoors material for garden furniture and dining sets, rattan is a versatile material that should be considered for your internal space too. Rattan has many benefits, from the easy cleaning (simply wipe it down), to the fact that it’s very light so can be easily moved if you fancy a change around. With thick, softer textures coming in too, the texture of the rattan will contrast this beautifully to add more textures and make your decor more interesting to look at.

1920’s Vibes

1920 style interior design
Image from thebeautifulshuttercompany.com

With period dramas and movies such as Downton Abbey and The Great Gatsby being such huge successes around the world, many people have taken fondly to the styles and trends of that era. The themes and styles of the 1920’s are ones to look out for this coming Autumn with metallic, shiny and mirrored surfaces and linear accessories becoming items to keep an eye on for your interior decor and interior design.

Cool Coppers

Copper kitchenware
Image from centsationalgirl.com

Copper accessories were big last Autumn and set for a resurgence for this coming Autumn/Winter period too. Once again offering an enhanced vintage, 1920’s feel, well maintained and brilliantly shiny coppers add light and warmth to your rooms.

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