Top Tips for Self Build Success

Last updated on August 5th, 2016 at 01:49 pm

A bespoke home, commissioned to suit your own lifestyle needs, design and plans is known as a self-build. We’ve all seen shows like Grand Designs that cover those brave people who take that leap of faith and take on their own self build project. It’s the stuff of dreams, your ideal home, tailor made for your lifestyle and your own personal requirements. A true dream home.

So why do so few people embark on a self-build project? A survey by the Building Societies Association (BSA) found that 53% of UK residents would consider commissioning a bespoke home, yet despite government initiatives to encourage the self-build market, self-builds only account for 7-10% of completed builds.

Perhaps building our own home simply feels out of reach for most of us. We don’t feel we have the knowledge, expertise or skills required. Investing so much time and money can seem like a risk many of us aren’t willing to take. But those who are might just be living that dream. Have you ever thought about how you could join them?

self build success

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1.       Self-Build Figures and Finances

Grasping the finances of your project is potentially the most important step to success. Constantly running over budget will cause major risk to completing your build unless your funds are unlimited! Bargaining on prices, securing the costs before you commit and considering your return on investment are all solid ways of ensuring your spending doesn’t run away with you.

2.       Learn as you Plan

You might not know all the answers now, but make sure you do your research at the planning stage. The better you plan, the less problems you will encounter along the way. Make key decisions about the materials you’re going to need, whether you need standard or bespoke windows and doors or other made to measure items before you get started and price up your options. Setbacks might affect your budget and timescale, so they’re best avoided by thorough planning and preparation where possible.

3.       Choose Your Self-Build Team Wisely

The people you work with on your self-build will also have an impact on success rates.  Think carefully about what you will take on yourself and what you’ll hire others to do. When you do hire others, choose them carefully. Having a good relationship with all your suppliers will help things run smoothly.

4.       Trust Your Instincts

Chances are you will need the expertise of others to complete your self-build. Don’t forget that you’ve taken on this project to create something that works for you, so don’t compromise your key values. Trust your judgement and stick to your decisions.

5.       Stay Organised

Keeping to your timescales requires high levels of organisation, and if you’re project managing your build you’ll need to stay extremely organised.

6.       Be Friendly

Keep people nearby informed, make sure they are friends not enemies. Many people oppose the unknown but if you make sure neighbours are aware of your plans and any possible effects they may feel impact on them, it gives them an opportunity to discuss this with you rather than lodging a complaint or making life difficult for you.

7.       Enjoy!

A self-build could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, a learning process and a real personal journey. Make sure you try your best to enjoy the process as well as the results.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top tips for self-build success. If you have any of your own, we’d love to hear them! Please leave a comment below.

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