Amazing Home Storage Hacks

When it comes to tidying up and organising your home, there are certain items that seem to always be lying around and don’t have a place which continue to clutter your rooms and make things look untidy. Instead of putting all these items into an overcrowded draw to be forgotten about, check out these simple and clever home storage hacks and help de-clutter your home.

Use Velcro to Neatly Store Remote Controls

Home storage hacks
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Velcro is a great material that is so often underused. By attaching some velcro to your remote controls, you’ll have a quick, easy and tidy way to store them, without wondering where exactly it was that you left them.

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Recycle a Spice Rack to Store Nail Polish

Simple home storage hacks

If you have a spice rack that’s looking a bit weathered and fancy getting yourself a new one, don’t throw it away! With a bit of time and effort, you can repurpose an old spice rack into a neat nail polish holder. This can also be used for perfumes and aftershave too!

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Use Leftover PVC Piping to Organise Garden Tools

Clever home hacks for added storage

If you keep loose tools stored away in a shed or garage, you’ll know how easily it is for things to become cluttered and unorganised. Using a few cut offs of an old or unused PVC pipe will quickly and cheaply give you an easy and neat way to store and organise your tools.


Place Shoe Holder on Cabinet Doors to Maximise Internal Space


Kitchen cupboards can be one of the most untidy spaces in your house. It’s easy to quickly put bottles and containers inside without thinking twice about how you’re utilising the space. If you find that your kitchen cupboards are being cluttered and a bit cramped, try this clever hack and place a shoe holder behind the door and make the most of the space within your cupboards.

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DIY Earring Holder

Earring storage hacks

Who’d have thought that some chicken wire and an old photo frame would’ve made such a beautiful and useful accessory? If you don’t have any chicken wire spare, it’s not expensive to buy, so this hack remains very cost effective. Simply attach the chicken wire to the photoframe and you’ll have ideal earring storage.

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Pen Holder

Pen storage hack

You always seem to have plenty of pens roaming around in the bottom of your bag, but you can never find one when you actually need one. Make sure you know exactly where your pens are and keep them kept neatly stored with this brilliantly simple and effective hack. This is great for children’s bedrooms and home offices.

Battery Box

Cheap home storage hacks

Batteries are one of those items that you always seem to have, but never have the correct one. You can easily repurpose a fishing tackle container to make an organised battery storage box and know exactly what batteries you’ve got and exactly where to find them. Just make sure to throw the flat ones away!

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