Top 5 Pinterest D.I.Y. Suggestions For Children’s Bedrooms

Last updated on November 7th, 2014 at 03:50 pm

We’ve been perusing the popular image based social media site, Pinterest, and found these amazing and inspirational ideas for children’s rooms which you could D.I.Y..

1. Doll’s House Shelving

Dolls House Shelves

From Pequeocio

What we love about it:
How this could easily be adapted into normal shelving once the children grow up!

What you need:
– Shelving unit (the featured one is from Ikea)
– Paper
– Pens
– Doll’s house furniture

How to create it yourself:
– Cover the back of each shelf with colourful paper.
– Draw the roof of the doll’s house on the wall. (Bonus Tip: You could use a white board instead.)
– Fill the doll’s house with furniture.

2. Brightening Up The Bottom Bunk

Bunk Beds

From Grosgrain Fabulous

What we love about it:
It will help with the bottom bunk issue.

What you need:
– Bunk bed
– Fairy lights
– Curtain pole
– Curtains

How to create it yourself:
– Put the curtains onto a curtain pole.
– Attach the curtain pole to the bunk bed.
– Add fairy lights to the wooden slats of the top bunk.

3. Skate Board Shelving

Skate Board Shelves

From Clipzine

What we love about it:
It adds instant character to the room.

What you need:
– A skate board
– Shelving brackets
– Nuts
– A screwdriver or drill
– A spirit level measure
– A pencil

How to create it yourself:
– Screw the brackets to the skateboard.
– Measure where the brackets should be on the wall with a spirit level, mark the points with a pencil.
– Screw the brackets into the wall.

4. Toy Draws

Toy Draws

From Kidsomania

What we love about it:
It saves all your children’s games and prevents you from endlessly having to tidy up tiny toys!

What you need:
– A shelving unit with trays
– Paper with different floor prints (i.e. grass effect, tiling pattern)
– Sticky labels
– Lots of small toys

How to create it yourself:
– Stick the different styles of paper to each tray.
– Label the tray with the scenario using stick labels.
– Add toys!

5. Blackboard Walls

Blackboard Walls

From Deco Peques

What we love about it:
Kids can write on this wall (and not on the other ones!)

What you need:
– Blackboard paint
– Chalk

How to create it yourself:
– Simply paint the wall with blackboard paint
– Get doodling!

There are so many ideas on Pinterest, we hope you liked the top 5 we picked!

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