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Climadoor Elite Oak Bifold Doors Image

Climadoor Elite Oak Bifold Doors

  • Thickness 58mm Thickness
  • U Value U Value: 1.5W/m2K
  • Material Solid Laminated Oak
From: £1,460.00
What are Climadoor Supreme Solid Oak Bifold Doors

  • 58mm Thickness
  • U Value: 1.5W/m2K
  • Material: Solid Laminated Oak
  • 58mm Fully Finished External Bifold Doorset
  • 3 Point Multi-Locking System To Main Door With Drop Bolts Fitted Internally
  • Part L Compliant
  • Part F Compliant
  • 10 Year Guarantee Against Manufacturing Defects

External bifold doors are folding doors that allow you to integrate your outdoor space with your living space. Picture yourself sitting with the patio doors wide open on a warm summer’s day enjoying the breeze. Or snuggling up in the middle of winter watching the rain fall against the window panes when you’re toasty inside.

Transform your living space with a set of high-quality exterior bifold doors. Bifold patio doors are doors that fold in a concertina style rather than opening outwards or inwards on standard hinges (like French doors). This means that they fold back on themselves to allow for optimum natural light and unobstructed views. They are also known as folding patio doors, bi-folding doors, or folding sliding doors.

External bifold doors are folding sliding doors that open onto an outdoor space, rather than linking two rooms inside your home (we have a range of oak internal doors available for that too!). This means that they need to be sturdy, durable, versatile and weatherproof, not to mention stylish. And with plenty of styles and colour options to choose from, our exterior folding doors will be a stunning addition to any home (and garden!). 

Why Choose External Bifold Doors?

From experience, we know there’s no better way to enjoy your garden, patio, conservatory or orangery all year-round than by installing a gorgeous set of stylish external bi fold doors. The full-height, clear glazed panels mean that even in the depths of winter you can enjoy plenty of natural light. Watch the view of your garden change through the seasons. The folding, sliding motion allows you to open your space completely during the summer months.


External Bifold Doors - The Choice Is Yours

We are incredibly proud of our selection of contemporary external folding doors. From our Climadoor Aluminium Folding Doors to LPD folding patio doors, we have everything to suit your needs. Whether it’s style, design, or price that’s your key consideration, we've got the doors for you. Our external bi fold doors are durable, and suitable for extensions, refurbishments, and new-build homes.

Our high-quality external folding doors not only meet, but exceed, the requirements of current building regulations. We’re a timber door specialist, so you can expect high-quality joinery and beautiful, grained wood. With the proper treatment and maintenance, your folding patio doors will last you for many years to come.

We also stock aluminium bi-fold doors which offer a modern, contemporary look combined with the ultimate in lightweight strength and thermal efficiency. If you’re looking for something bespoke, we can work on custom, made-to-measure designs for you too. We'll offer support and advice before, during and after installation of your external folding glass doors, to ensure that you get the best out of them.


All our external bi folding doors are available in a range of sizes, finishes and colour options, allowing you complete control over the final look of your doors. Choose the frame width and height, fully finished or unfinished, door thickness and even the opening pattern to suit you and your property. Select from hardwoods like solid engineered oak, oak veneer and pine, or opt for lightweight aluminium.


External Bi-fold Door Security

It's vital to secure your external entryways properly, and your security is paramount for us. This is why all our aluminium and oak external folding sliding doors come fitted with multi-point locking systems as standard. They also have hidden in-line tracking systems to keep your home fully protected against intruders.

thermal efficiency

Energy Efficient Bi fold Patio Doors

We work hard to ensure all that our bi fold patio doors, like all our products, have low U-values. This means they’re good at keeping the heat inside your home (saving you money on those heating bills!). All our external folding and sliding patio doors fully satisfy Part L of the building regulations, so you can install them with the confidence that your home will stay cosy. You should ensure you have toughened double glazing for optimum safety and thermal and energy efficiency. Read our folding doors U value and thermal efficiency guide here.

weather resistance

Weather Resistant External Glass Sliding Doors

All our exterior bifold sliding doors have resilient weather seals to keep out cold, rain and snow. Our glass external folding doors are weather tested to strict standards to check they’re up to scratch. So, whatever the great British weather throws at you, your external bifold doors will be ready!


Hardware and Fittings for Your External Bifold Patio Doors

Hardware, fittings, accessories and handles are supplied with our external bi-fold doors. Check the specification of each product to see what’s included. We’ll let you know if you can expect stainless steel, aluminium, silver effect or chrome effect. Take a look at our information centre for tips on bifold door installation, how to paint your folding sliding doors and more.


We also stock a range of luxury oak internal bifold doors to help your interior feel bright and spacious. Or why not browse our external doors range to really ramp up the kerb appeal of your home? Take a look at our internal and external French doors too.

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