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What are Redwood External Doors

Manufactured to a high standard using European redwood, our redwood doors, gates and garage doors are all supplied unfinished for finishing and treatment on site to a colour of your choice.

All exterior wooden doors and garage doors are supplied with a 14mm rebate for double glazing units.

If you need any assistance in selecting a product, give us a call on 01332 770588. Try Vibrant Doors for Redwood gates, external doors and garage doors.

Take a look at our front door and back door ranges for more stunning styles to boost your home's kerb appeal!

Help, Tips & Advice
Energy Efficient Exterior Doors Image

Energy Efficient Exterior Doors

In October 2010, the British government introduced legislation which specified that all new replacement composite doors must have a U-Value rating of no more than 1.8W/m2K. If you are looking to updat...

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External Door Glazing: Are Glazed Doors Secure? Image

External Door Glazing: Are Glazed Doors Secure?

Choosing an external door can require a lot of thought, as you need to decide whether you want to prioritize good interior design practices over energy efficiency and security, or the other way around...

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External Door Security Image

External Door Security

It’s well known that the majority of burglaries are opportunistic crimes, but did you know that 70% of burglars enter using a door? Rather than smashing a window or squeezing in through an open ...

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External Door Sizing Image

External Door Sizing

One thing that a lot of people don’t realise when they are shopping for a new front or back door is that there is more than one “standard” external door size. There are requirements ...

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How To Fit An External Door Image

How To Fit An External Door

Fitting an external door is a job that looks quite simple, but is actually more demanding than you might think. If you have ever hung an internal door before, then you could be forgiven for thinking t...

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Which External Door Should I Choose? Image

Which External Door Should I Choose?

The front door is an often overlooked part of home design. It is something that has a significant impact on the way that your home looks, and could even affect the selling price of your property, beca...

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External Doors and Building Regulations: What you need to know Image

External Doors and Building Regulations: What you need to know

When doing house renovations, it’s all well and good making your exterior look pretty.  But, does it follow Building Regulations?  To get your plans approved, it’s vital all wo...

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How to Paint an Exterior Door Image

How to Paint an Exterior Door

The exterior of our home is one that we should be proud of - it’s the part that everyone sees. A home can look run-down if doors and window frames are left to the elements. You could have the mo...

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Types of External Doors Image

Types of External Doors

External doors have a vital function, but we also want them to look beautiful. In fact, a lot of people will pay more for a certain design or material instead of going for the cheapest option. And, wh...

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